Vu Van Dung

Native Vietnamese name
Vietnam flag Văn Dũng /vu van zuŋ/
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About me

I am a software developer. I build things for the web, mostly using Next.js. Sometimes I also contribute to Next.js itself, especially when I get bitten hard by a bug in the framework (which has happened more occasionally than I'd like it to).

I am also a community helper and moderator in the official Next.js Discord server. You can find me around the top of the forum leaderboard.

In free time, I usually either work on side projects or learn about new stuff related to web development. Or just randomly walk around in a quiet park, because Singapore has a lot of them and I find them very peaceful. Or watch a lot of anime.

I almost always listen to music whenever I can. My taste ranges from beautiful classical masterpieces or movie soundtracks to catchy Japanese popular music. Combinations of the two, like pieces by Yuki Kajiura, are simply perfection ✨

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森の小さなレストラン - Mori no chiisana restaurant

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森の小さなレストラン - Mori no chiisana restaurant
Aoi Teshima