Vu Van Dung

Full-stack Web Developer

Vu Van Dung

Burning enthusiasm for web development and web design. Crafting interfaces and applications with highest focus on user experience and artistic beauty. A fast-learner passionate in cutting-edge technologies.


Web development

Avid user of Next.js and React. Confident in working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and TypeScript).

Have some experience working on server-side Node.js-based apps.

Other technologies

Familiar with and frequent user of common software development tools, such as git and basic Unix commands.

Know how to utilise assistive technologies to enhance productivity.

Theoretical knowledge

Have a good understanding of several fundamental data structures and algorithms.

Have experience in working in a team and following agile methodologies.


Native speaker of Vietnamese and fluent in English.

Can speak intermediate-level Japanese (JLPT N3 equivalent).




A simple but fully-featured and fully-customisable comment service for the web. NUS Orbital project (level Artemis).


Tailwind CSS plugin to generate shorthands for light mode and dark mode colour classes.

tategaki at

My attempt to set up a Japanese-language website that uses vertical writing style.

link at

My personal URL shortener, built with Nuxt 3 and MongoDB.

anime at

An alternative interface for AniList that I built for my own use.

presentation at

An app where I make (interactive) presentation slides with code and web technologies.

irasuto at

My collection of some of the most gorgeous Japanese illustrations that I’ve found on Twitter.

What I Do Now

I am currently a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS). View some of my academic certificates.

In free time, I usually either work on side projects or learn about new stuff related to web development. Or just randomly walk around in a quiet park, because Singapore has a lot of them and I find them very peaceful.

I almost always listen to music whenever I can. My taste ranges from beautiful classical masterpieces or movie soundtracks to catchy Japanese popular music.

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