Vu Van Dung


Current project

I am building a glassmorphic component system based on visionOS UI design. You are seeing that design system at work in this very page, and if you are curious, you can check out the completed components (so far) here:

Completed components

I am a software developer. I build things for the web, mostly using Next.js. Sometimes I also contribute to Next.js itself, especially when I get bitten hard by a bug in the framework (which has happened more occasionally than I'd like it to).

I also was a frequent community helper in the official Next.js Discord server. You can find me around the top of the forum leaderboard. Though it is was, not am — due to personal reasons, I no longer do that.

In free time, I usually either work on side projects or learn about new stuff related to web development. Or just randomly walk around in a quiet park, because Singapore has a lot of them and I find them very peaceful. Or watch a lot of anime.

I almost always listen to music whenever I can. My taste ranges from beautiful classical masterpieces or movie soundtracks to catchy Japanese popular music. Combinations of the two, like pieces by Yuki Kajiura, are simply perfection ✨

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